I am Annekäthi – in short AK – Neukomm, an enthusiastic and communicative specialist in marketing, sales and promotions. I have many years of experience in tourism and the hotel industry and my head is full of exciting ideas.

Growing up in the Emmental, blessed by my parents with one of the most original Swiss first names – Annekäthi – I ventured out into the wide world. Annekäthi became AK (the short version, which also works in English) and the Emmental finally became the Bernese Oberland. My base camp has been in Interlaken for 12 years now, surrounded by mountains and lakes. I feel at home in what is probably the most beautiful part of the world, from where I start my activities.

Of course I know Interlaken and the Jungfrau region like the back of my hand. Are you looking for a secret tip? I’ll help you. Are you looking for the right contact persons on site? I am networked in my home country and beyond its borders. 

But I also get out and about: my sphere of activity is not only limited to Interlaken and the Jungfrau region. I love being on the road and discovering new things.

Marketing, promotions and sales is my world. I have a wealth of experience in the marketing and sale of tourism products and services as well as in the organization of promotions and events. You want to know what I have done so far? Then network with me on LinkedIn.

Why Promotions?

What exactly do I do?

This question sometimes triggered an escape reflex in me. And because “Bohemian” or “Everything, because I need the money” are spontaneous but not necessarily professional answers to this question, I have dealt with it in more depth. (Yeah, what the hell am I doing?) The term “Promotions” best summarizes my work. I take care of your offer, your product or your brand. I make sure that you are noticed, achieve your goals and get ahead.


My focus is mainly on the marketing disciplines such as sales, sales promotion and event management. I am most experienced in tourism and hospitality – but hey, I am curious, motivated and like to learn new things!

And yes, I can organise, plan and I don’t shy away from administrative tasks. If you think that I can support you, but you are not quite sure – just contact me.